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I'm a web/graphic designer for my company and I am looking to upgrade my mac. I can't decide what to get and I would appreciate any suggestions/advice!

I've recently sold my macbook air with the intention to get the 13" retina macbook pro.

But then my husband suggested I sell my '09 24inch imac as well and use the money from both the computers to get a 15' retina macbook pro instead.

I am not sure what to do! My original plan was to keep my iMac at the office and use the 13" for when I have to work from home or travel.

I really would like the 15", but I have some reservations. For one, I'll need to carry it back and forth to work as this will be my only computer. And I have briefly read about the issues of designing for the web on a retina screen, which is a major concern. Also, I think I'll miss my big 24 inch screen from my iMac.....

What would you do if you were in my shoes?

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