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This just seems to have happened yesterday. My MB pro 13" with Mavericks won't go to sleep. I haven't done anything with it at all (no new apps or downloads made). I can choose sleep from any combination of keystrokes, or just leave it alone and have it go to sleep from the power settings, but the light on the front won't dim and brighten as it should when the machine is sleeping, as it's supposed to. I downloaded Mavericks a few weeks ago and didn't have this problem, so I'm not sure what's changed. Can anyone let me know if they're having the same problem and any possible solutions?

Okay -- here's an update. after I posted this I had the thought that maybe my internet connection had something to do with this; so I turned off the wi-fi and disconnected the ethernet cable, and it went to sleep. But I can't remember having this problem before; I could leave my cables/internet connected and it went to sleep, so can someone tell me if this is normal, or has something gone awry that would cause this problem, and if so how I might fix it? Even with Safari closed (not sure if that would make any difference) it seems to happen).

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