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Mine Model No:A1304 ie: Mac Book Air 13.3/2.13GHZ/2GB/128SSD.

This came with a SSD Flash HD. I am fro UK.

I search crucial & google for a SSD flash drive but with no avail for my model Mac Book Air.

Would some one help to learn if
1.I could replace my present 128GB SSD Flash Drive with a new spinning HD?

2.Where could I find one for my Mac Book Air of Sept 2009? Any link would be appreciated.

3. Could my problem in installing the Snow Leopard arise from Logic Board failure?

PS:I tried to install by putting my Snow Leopard installer on a USB-It goes up to third of the way and screen freeze with a message to re-start the computer.
I also tried to partition my HD through the Installer's Disk Utility to 2 partitions one with 40 GB and tried on it thinking I could by pass any faulty sectors on my SSD but with no luck. ( I am not a computer person and don't take any offence in my saying what I have tried ) Desperate situation makes me do desperate methods!!


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