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My Mac Book Air 13.3/2.13GHZ/2GB/128SSD placed order last week in Aug 2009 and was delivered first week in Sept 2009 with OS Snow Leopard(The time when the SnowLeopard OX was released)
I upgraded to New OS as they become available-migrated to Lion then Mountain Lion and finally Maveric.

Three weeks ago My MBA while surfing the net Safari window got frozen resulting in me force quitting. Then when I tried to restart-it would not boot but got a single beep at regular interval.
My attempt to Safe Start, Reset PRAM, Nothing worked.
After 24 Hours when I boot it went to Maveric and worked for a week.

Yesterday I had the update for iWork & OS RAW files appeared and tried to install.
Halfway through the install it froze and I had to force quit.
Once again I got the single beep at regular interval & would not boot.

Left it for 24 hours and started it just brought Apple logo and not further.
I attached my Super Drive put in the Snow Leopard Disk 2 that has the Apple Hardware Test and did the extended test-No fault found.
At the end of that test I selected the restart
Apple Logo appeared with a bar at the bottom that would fill up third of the way and turn off itself.
This happened on every time I attempted to boot.
It would not start with "Shift " Safe mode.
So I once again put in the Disk 1of Snow Leopard that came with my MBA in the superdrive and "C"+Start.
Here I was able to reach look on the DU and all are reported as normal. I through the Snow Leopard installer did the Repair Permission,Repair disk and attempted to reinstall after a an reach and as suggested in the apple site but
on every time Installer bar fills for 10 minutes and shows 28 minutes remains a window appears to suggest that the computer will need a force restart.

I tried the whole after noon repeating the re install minimum 30 times and not able to go past third of the installation bar.
Can anybody tell me what else I could do?

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