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Whoever told me about Rosetta enabling Eudora to work on Lion must have been mistaken.

I'll stick with 10.6.8. Eudora works on it with or without Rosetta.

I have tons of stuff stored in Eudora. It got corrupted, so I stopped using it for emailing but needed to able to access the stored stuff.

I got a solicitation on my laptop (also 10.6.8) to install Rosetta, saw no harm, so I installed it. It uncorrupted Eudora.

With that success, I installed Rosetta on my desktop, thinking it would uncorrupt Eudora there too. It didn't.

I have no old apps that are dependent on Rosetta. I'll stick with 10.6.8 until I no longer need the stuff that's stored in Eudora.
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