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Originally Posted by Cyndy-in-VT View Post
I have a 2008 refurbished 24" iMac. It has been a jewel of a machine, software problems excluded. The only time it has been taken to the apple repair guys was due to software conflicts and other problems created by my ignorant installation of MacKeeper (2012).
A knowledgeable repairman went through our mac and thoroughly cleaned it of all traces of MacKeeper, then made sure all of the updates were installed properly. It has worked very well since then. Now I research THOROUGHLY any new software I'm interested in buying, then research it some more before finally deciding. In my humble opinion, less is more.
If you don't need it A LOT, don't buy it and don't risk creating problems. Dealing with OS updates is difficult enough.
Cyndy, I agree 100%. Less is definitely more when it comes to 3rd party applications.

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