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I have been using Notes on my Macs for years and continue using the note feature in Apple's Mail v4.6 on my old iMac with 10.6.8, and now with the Notes v2.0 application in 10.9.x.
I have both applications set up to save notes to iCloud, so that my notes are automatically synced between my machines.

Occasionally, notes I write or update simply get lost when I open them on the other machine. Recently, I had edited a frequently used note on my iMac then settled in to use my MBP for the rest of the evening. The next morning none of the updates I made to notes were on either machine or on iCloud. This has happened before and I have completely lost some notes.

I suspect that iCloud is the culprit. Somehow the changed notes do not upload correctly or immediately and if I open the note on another machine soon after, the old version is uploaded from the second machine, overwriting any changes. I am sorry but I have no better details on this issue because I often don't realize the note is missing until the next day when I cannot trace my steps.

Has anyone had similar experiences?
Could there be some bug/idiosyncrasy with iCloud especially with older OS's?
Any ideas on how I can prevent this problem?

Thanks to all of you ahead of time.
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