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While I'd like to think of myself as an above average individual when it comes to understanding residential networks, that may not be the case with respect to commercial applications. I'm hoping this forum may provide me with some further knowledge.

The situation I'm hoping can be resolved here involves two cable modems and two airport extremes. Being a large stucco building where cat 5e is not in place throughout, the current setup includes the following...

On the main floor there is a cable modem connected to an airport extreme with two additional airport expresses located at other areas to create full coverage. In the attic is another cable modem connected to a second airport extreme with two additional airport expresses connected via cat 5e cable. Each airport extreme currently has a different SSID and password therefore creating two separate networks, one upstairs and one down.

My question is given that two cable modems are present, is it possible to create one roaming network rather than have two separate or will that cause problems with the devices that try and connect? If in fact this is a problem, are there any ways to accomplish the roaming network? Would a mesh network be any different?

Thanks to any and all for taking the time and your help.
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