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It' WAS the same on both ethernet and wifi, but I have just tried it again this morning and the dammed thing is fine now!

It was always OK on wifi on both machines, but suddenly it just went haywire on this MBP.

There is something very strange going on with our MBP. Yesterday both of my e-mail addresses went off line for several hours. I started a seperate thread on it. Then after I had chased my tail trying to check everything and compairing it with our iMac for several hours I gave up for the moment and went to see what was going on a couple of hours later. I oened my Mail and the 3 'blocked' e-mails suddenly went to their destinations as soon as I looked at them in the Outbox.

What's the chance of there being a virus? If so, how do I find it??

I am running Comodo, but have had it disabled for a whle now, but I will run it when we get back home later this morning. The dentist calls!!!

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