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mac book pro death by adware and god know's what else my macbook-pro is eat up with add's everywhere i look ive got add's poping up there causing my mac to load everthing super slow i only had this mac over a year my tec support with apple has just ran out sad but my mac is acting like its running windows ive went through all the steps i know of on checking popup block & activity monitor for the normal stuff how would i go about just removing everything and starting over from install CD's thats how i fixed my older mac's in the past they came with copys of install cd'd i dont care if a lose file's or anything but the problem im having is unlike my older mac's this one i dont think came with any backup cd's i would be so gratefully if anyone could point me in the right direction or offer a beter way to fix my problem and im very sorry if i posted this in the wrong spot
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