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I am on my third Apple Computer - just got a 21 inch iMac, 3.1GHz Quad Core I7, 16 GB Ram, 512 SSD. I have bought all three of these Apple Computers at an Apple Store or on-line from the Apple web site. It's a several hour drive (round trip) from my home to an Apple Store. Here's an illustration of my question: if I buy an Apple 2T Time Capsule from the local Best Buy store and I have problems with it can I take it to the Genius Bar at an Apple Store? That is if it's still under warranty. I was in my local Best Buy today and they had the 2T Time Capsule on sale for $277 - a slight savings over the Apple Store. So, as long as you buy from an authorized Apple re-seller is there any disadvantage in doing so vs buying from an Apple Store or the Apple web site? I know the people at the Apple Store will know more about trouble shooting and generally be much more knowledgable about Apple Products than the guys at Best Buy but if I buy Apple products at my local Best Buy if I have trouble within the warranty period can I then take it to an Apple Store for help? THX
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