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I already checked on ebay - the bummer is that the only ones available at a reasonable price (used around 50$ - they still sell them new for up to 250$!!!) are located in the US and are very expensive to ship to europe (60$)...

It was mounted on a wall, so looking into it I saw that that was not uncommon and I supposed they meant a VESA wall mount, but when the display came it didn't look like any of the VESA mounts i researched on the internet. The original stand was de-mounted and "never heard or seen of again" - as I bought it from a company selling their inventory, I suspect that technicians installed and mounted the display (and took the stand with them in the process).
So, as the ebay ones are expensive (and few) i wondered if somebody recognized the mount so I'd be able to buy the missing "wall-part" at a lower price than the stands...

So, long story short, I am searching an low(er)-cost alternative solution to buying a stand.

(If anyone has a broken Display and is interested in selling it for parts, I'm listening!)
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