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Originally Posted by MacMermaid View Post
Well, first of all Thanx for the responses. More than I anticipated! I am not very savvy at this sort of thing obviously though I can figure things out with a little help so please bear with me while I collect all questions and suggestions.....

Dave, Where do I look to figure out the wireless output info. This router has been around a while. It's doubtful the literature for it is. Can I find that info on the router itself?
Hello again - appears that John is giving you the advice needed for reaching your 300' goal. I'm assuming that you have a Linksys router from your post about discussing the issue w/ Apple - check the model & website for information on the protocols being used, i.e. Wi-Fi standards now are 802.11 b,g,n & ac - the chart that I posted previously indicates that w/ the 'n' standard, the outdoor range (w/ 'line of sight') could reach your barn, just not sure at what signal strength and quality?

The quality of the signal will depend on many factors, e.g. range (as discussed), strength of the signal (which obviously deteriorates w/ distance), and the S/N (signal/noise ratio). Using my MBPro, and opening the Wi-Fi icon (top right) w/ the 'Option Key' pressed brings up the first image attached - my protocol is 802.11n and the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication - info HERE) is -70 w/ my laptop in the den (one room from an Apple AirPort Extreme router w/ a stud wall; closer to zero means the strongest signal); next to my router the RSSI is -36 and outside about 100 ft away goes to -88.

The S/N ratio can be determined by several means - one that I use is an app 'Wi-Fi Explorer' - see the second image below - the highlighted network is being detected by my laptop in the den w/ a 68% strength (jumps to over 90% next to the router) - just another way vs. the RSSI measurement; also, notice that the app provides the S/N ratio which is 33 dB at the moment - the last pic attached shows the 'quality' of a signal relative to this ratio.

SO, if indeed your router (or a new one) using the 802.11n protocol were installed in your second floor window w/ 'line of sight' to your barn, you could use these OS features/apps and simply look at the measurements discussed as you walk outside your house and toward the barn; as your signal strength drops and your S/N approaches the lower values in the chart, then likely a 'no go' using just a router - good luck and let us know how John's suggestions work out for you. Dave

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