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I made a mistake above. My phone is on the French L'eclercMobile system and if you were to ask any of that lot for anything beyond how much is a new case for it they would not have a clue?

L'eclerc is a large supermarket chain and they are mostly franchises

I can feel a l o n g session of keying in contacts?

Thinks? Can you link an Apple bluetooth keyboard to a smartass phone?

I have had what may? be one of my bright ideas???

The Moto G has a micro simm, the Nokia has a standard simm. What would be the possibility of fitting the micro simm into the Nokia and holding it in place with masking tape, doing a copy of the contacts to it and then putting it into the Moto G?? First, I would have to make sure that the contacts were on the Nokia memory, not the simm. If necessary I can make a frame from an old credit card for the micro jobbie?


I have discovered that wine gets better with age. The older I get the more I like it !

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