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Well, first of all Thanx for the responses. More than I anticipated! I am not very savvy at this sort of thing obviously though I can figure things out with a little help so please bear with me while I collect all questions and suggestions.

First, It will have to be wireless as there is a building in between but only 10' or so high so thinking it shouldn't be a problem. It does have metal siding but with a flat roof. Was thinking that if I put the existing modem and existing linksys router in the second floor window it might help but still only get a faint signal. I'll be checking to realize a more definitive distance.

John, the pole/antenna option could no doubt set my whole hamlet afire with service so the up to 300' option may have to suffice. Cost wise it may also be out of my range.

Dave, Where do I look to figure out the wireless output info. This router has been around a while. It's doubtful the literature for it is. Can I find that info on the router itself?

My neighbor used a sort of 12' x12" pad type equipment attached to the side of his house that received the signal from his satellite dish and bounced it off down the road to the neighbors. I could never get any information about it as I suppose he was trying to corner the market.

I've been trying to figure this out for a while so really appreciate everyone's help. I know there must be a way to do this and not for an arm and a leg.
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