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Originally Posted by MacMermaid View Post
I would like to know how to boost my WiFi signal to reach my barn about 300 feet from my house. One of the salespeople at Apple said I would just need another linksys router. Sound right or would I need something else? How would I set it up?
Well, you might want to provide some more information: 1) What is your router using for its wireless output (i.e. 802.11 b/n/ac)?; 2) Where is your wireless router located relative to the barn, i.e. a clear connection or walls in-between?; and 3) What options do you have between your house & barn, i.e. can it be wired or wireless?

Depending on your current router, the signal length will depend on the protocol used by your router (see the attached chart) - e.g. w/ the 'n' technology you might be able to get the signal to your barn but at a lower strength - I'll stop here and let you respond - there might be some options on either end (i.e. your house & barn) that could work (or may not)? Dave
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