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you can make the dock go to the top?! sweet. How do you do it? I just got my mac in october, I've had a pc for about three years and just got tired of windows. I saw an iMac in some magazine about a year or so ago and that night i was at looking at os x and the computers all night. A friend of mine told me they were crap and couldn't do much, but after going to the apple store and spending about 3 hours there i knew that he knew nothing about it and that i needed a mac. It was the best choice I'll ever make in my life ( except when i make the choice to get a new one! ) I hope to max out my iMac this christmas with another 512 stick of ram. Then i figure in about three four years I'll have saved enough money to get a G5..... who knows by then they might have dual 3 ghz G5 processors in iMacs lol.
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