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Thank you, chas_m,
I do not mean to alter the photo's title. This is the way it used to work: I would click on "print" and the first of two windows would pop up. The first window would have a little bar that said "customize". When I would click it, there would be options to place text below the picture, so it would move the picture up a bit and place a text place below it (in a blue outlined box like I am typing in now). I would type up to three lines of text, click outside the box, save the new picture to iphoto (now I have the original picture and the new one with text written on it), click print again and voila! everything prints, text and picture. Only now the bar that said "customize" is gone and in that bar it says "iphoto" but it won't do what "customize" used to do. I am hoping to find someone who has used the customize bar in print who knows how to get it back. Thanks, though.
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