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I don't think the D3200 has a very good rep when it comes to low light / high ISO shooting. Cramming a load of pixels on a small sensor will always compromise image quality when ISO is bumped.

If you're shooting in full auto mode, then it's likely the camera is using the shutter sync speed (probably around 1/250th of a second and bumping the ISO up to compensate for the lack of available light.

If you go full manual and set a wide aperture (small f number), a shutter speed of around 1/60th of a second and ISO of 200 are the results better?

If everything is coming out under exposed then you will need more light in your basement (or a more powerful flash).

Flash is all a bit of a minefield to me with aperture and distance to your subject, etc. all relating to the flash's guide number - so looking for an on line tutorial might be a good bet.

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