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I have a bit of a weird one and am hoping for some help without making a compete plonker of myself !!
I have a new iPad Air and it has of course the App Store in the 'Apps' on the screen.I am looking for an App to do with one of our service providers here in Ireland and I cannot find it.The app is apparently under the heading "Horizon" as that is the name of the system being used by the TV, phone and broadband provider UPC.The rep on the UPC helpline found it no problem on his iPad and he said that he found it by searching under 'search' on the bottom bar which according to him is between 'near me' and 'purchased' but I don't have that option.My search is top right and as I say,I can't find it that way.This app is to enable me to watch TV on the iPad and so it is an iPad app
What is also strange is that there are updates waiting to be downloaded for the App store for other apps such as Adblock and Kindle but when I go to update them it tells me that my account is not with the UK store, it is with the Irish store and I must go there????When I google Irish App store,I get
I am sure the answer is looking at me in the face but I can't see it.Can anyone throw any light on it? Thank you
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