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Originally Posted by Meyvn would stop technological progress simply for the sake of bragging rights? That sort of spiteful attitude is the kind of thing that causes the bull**** "Apple vs. Microsoft" hatred. The fact that someone else GAINS is no LOSS to you.
hey, cool down pal. relax!

It's not like the coming update is going to be a big one. everything I've seen tends to point towards a minor speed bump. and technology is going to continue to grow no matter what apple does. They may be an innovator, but they are not the only innovator. I would prefer they leave the minor updates alone and focus more on development of major things. I 'm certainly not saying that apple should stop new product development.

I am a media professional. I work in print design, web design, and video/audio editing. New technology is always of a benefit for me. But the people who are really doing the serious work won't be using laptops. Sure you can do it on a laptop, but a G5 desktop will blow away any G4.

How does this relate to Apple vs. Microsoft hatred? Several times on this forum I have called people out on that crap, and I am insulted that you bring it up here, especially when it has no relation. I wouldn't have spent a couple grand on a PC if I thought Microsoft wasn't worth anything. I wouldn't be on a Mac forum if I was against Apple. I am smart enough to see the benefits of both, as I assume you, and most (but not all forum members) can also see.

And as you said above, the fact that someone else gains is no loss to me. Our current lines of computers are certainly not crap. And they will be able to run new software for many years. It's not my business what computers my competitors use. These days, most use PC because thats what their clients use. C'est la vie.

Nevertheless, I made what you quoted as a light comment, and I have seen similar comments a million times on the board. Every time I see comments like yours where people jump down each other's throats, I really worry about the atmosphere of Mac-Forums.
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