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Originally Posted by Murlyn
Hopefully when they do upgrade.. if it's not significant at all.. that they reduce the price. If they leave it at the current price, then I just don't see how it would be worth it.
I think keeping the entry-line models at the same price would be fair, but I think they should reduce the higher end 15" price, as well as the 17". The 1.67 GHz 15" is 300 dollars more than the other 15", and for two fairly small feature points.

Originally Posted by rs2sensen
lol, I cheer every time there ISN'T a powerbook update. Until then, I still have the coolest laptop on the market! but...time kills all would stop technological progress simply for the sake of bragging rights? That sort of spiteful attitude is the kind of thing that causes the bull**** "Apple vs. Microsoft" hatred. The fact that someone else GAINS is no LOSS to you.

Originally Posted by lil
It's also worth noting the 7448 cannot go a huge amount faster than the 7447A. 2GHz was once touted but even 1.8GHz at the moment seems optimistic, and that would provide a 133MHz speed bump, not a lot in other words!
Yeah, definitely. I think the best move would be to go ahead and use the 7448 and only upgrade it to 1.7 GHz, as the rumor is stating. The real benefit here is less power consumption and overheating for relatively similar speeds. With the DDR2 RAM in place, the processor speed bump itself will be insignificant anyway.

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