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I have an application where I have defined a custom cell and have overridden the method - (void) drawWithFrame:inView:

This method was drawing my custom cells without any problems as long as I was building my app using Xcode 3.2 on OS X 10.6 or older.

Now I am attempting to migrate the code to build with Xcode 4+ on OS X 10.8. And what I have found out is that my custom cell is not getting drawn anymore. After putting break points and running the app through the debugger, I realized that the overridden - (void) drawWithFrame:inView: method of the custom cell is not getting invoked at all.

My questions are:

1) What is it that makes this method to not invoke at all on OS X 10.8, while it gets invoked and works perfectly fine on OS X 10.6 or older?

2) What alternative do I have to fix this issue?

Thanks, Mriganka
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