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hey guys I made this thread for posts on new tricks in panther. I know of 3 pretty cool ones. The 1st one u probably already know about- were u can click command and tab to show a floating pallete of open programs. The 2nd one I just found out about today. Go to your applications folder,then the utilities folder , and open terminal. Type this, exactly this way- defaults write showhidden -bool yes and click enter. Now when u hide an app the icon in the dock will become semi-transparent and wont have the arrow underneath so u know that it is "hidden". You will have to reset the dock after doing this in able to see this change . In the same utilities folder is the program Activity Monitor. Open it and find where it says Dock, click where it says dock and hit guit process, quit. The dock will then restart and have this effect when u hide applications (command-h). I find this to be very cool. To get rid of this u go back into a new terminal window and type- defaults write showhidden -bool no and hit enter and it will take away the semi-transparency and bring back the arrow underneath your programs. The third and final is pretty cool too. Open a new terminal window , type emacs and hit enter. it will load a unix text editor. Press escape (esc) and then type xpong and hit enter. A game of pong in 80 by 24 will then appear. You can move the left paddle with the up and down arrows and the right paddle with the left and right arrows. Know of any other cool tricks ? PS- sometimes when u open activty monitor it wont show activity monitor and u have to go to Monitor, show activity monitor, or press command-1.....

Hope you like these , Jonathan Michael
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