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I had my i5 what I thought was securely ensconced in my deep coat pocket but when I was scooping hay out of the water trough this morning in prep to refill it, it must have worked it's way out from my squeezing through the fence boards. There was only about 2-3" of water. I grabbed it in a matter of 20-30 seconds, ripped of the case and held it upright until I got in the house. Turned it off after reading I should, cleaned out jack and charger receiver. It didn't feel wet, in fact the cu-tips didn't really feel damp that I put in them. Amazingly the phone wasn't even really wet to the touch! It was on before I slid the bar and then turned it off. I now have it sitting on the baseboard heater straight up. Anything else I can do besides cross my fingers? Is it a bad idea to stand it up on the baseboard heater? How long should I leave it there if that isn't a bad idea? I keep checking it to be sure it doesn't get too hot.
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