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Exodist is just really niceExodist is just really niceExodist is just really niceExodist is just really nice
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Originally Posted by thirdeyeblind82 View Post
Yeah, I think I'm gonna struggle a little with my eyes for the first months and then get an economical 27"ish screen.
The one from Apple is 900 but I think I can get something cheaper for the same quality on the market, don't you think?
1080p monitors are cheap. I don't mean that in a bad way. LOL.. You can get a good 1080p monitor that still will reproduce accurate color and contrast without breaking the bank.

I do photography and some graphical work and use two 23" Samsung LED displays, both at 1920x1080 each. It just took me a hour to correctly calibrate the displays. Now I have all the desk space I need and my eyes don't scream bloody marry..

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