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Originally Posted by Exodist View Post
Do you need a mobile solution to work on stuff while out in the field? Or just show your ideas?
I know I do my work on my desktop but keep my photographic portfolio on my iPad.

I have nothing against at 13" rMBP, I just expect a MacBook Pro to have more power then a silly dual core regardless of the size of the screen. This is why I mentioned this as you can get a nice Mac Mini for less money and have lots more processing power.

I really wished they would bring back the 17" MBP for us slightly blind group. :-p
Well, I already have a job as graphic designer, so I spend most of my time in office.
Anyway I do sometimes some freelance work at home, as illustrations or websites. I need something that makes my extra work comfortable and at the same time something that I can move around easily.
For the second reason I was aiming on a 13'' (my 15'' laptop is not so easy to move around).
But I wasn't so sure if it was possible to do design works with the 13", cause of the small screen and the machine power.
Anyway I saw that the most expensive 13" has far better power than my old iMac that I left at my old house, and I used to work with.
So maybe it's just a problem of screen size.

Considering that I'd like to buy an external screen in some month from now, maybe I can manage to work with a small screen for a short period...
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