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Originally Posted by Jkenny101 View Post
I downloaded an App called "Recorder Pro" (a voice-recording app). I used it to do a YouTube commentary, so it is 60 minutes long. Problem is, it's too big to send via Email. There are no other options within the App to send the file or to dump it somewhere else.

My question is; is there any software or programs I could use to try and extract that 60 minute sound file from my iPad and send it to my PC desktop?
Hello & welcome to the forum! I'm assuming that you have been to Recorder Pro Website - if not, then take a look, especially at the FAQs.

First, the recording formats offered seem to be mainly uncompressed audio - not sure if a 'compression' option/conversion is available in the app, e.g. MP3, and not sure if YouTube will accept large uncompressed audio; you may already be aware of their need?

Second, in an FAQ, an iTunes option appears a good choice by simply cabling your iPad to your computer - good luck and let us know if you still have questions or which solution(s) you find. Dave
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