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Exodist is just really niceExodist is just really niceExodist is just really niceExodist is just really nice
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Pretty much everything they posted is what we keep telling everyone.
The additional monitor is a little yes and no. They claimed there was no performance hit. But the way they tested it, does not show real results. I will explain. While plugging up extra monitors in most cases does not slow down the computer as a whole. It will effect GPU performance because the RAMDAC must now digital to analog signals for multiple displays, or as the RAMDAC sees it, just twice as many pixels now. Also if you are running a GPU intensive program on monitor A and something else or even just the desktop on monitor B. There will be a performance hit to Monitor A and some to B as well. Now this is a very minor hit to almost not noticeable for normal desktop usage. It inherently will always be.

This is what came to mind when I first read the thread title.. hehe

NOS Stickers! They want speed up your computer, but will make you look like a real gear head!

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