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My 160gb classic has performed flawless for the last year, its never been dropped. 2 weeks ago i was using mediamonkey & itunes simultaneously on my windows pc. I was going through the list of tracks on my ipod using itunes & looking for the stuff i had marked as 5 star, and marking my tracks up on my pc using mediamonkey.

I then tried to transfer some new tracks from mediamonkey to the ipod, not realising that itunes was still running. 2 pieces of software fighting over my ipod wasnt a good idea. tracks started to transfer at first, but then froze. i had to restart pc to gain access to ipod. windows said there was a problem with device, itunes said ipod was 0byte and needed restoring. however after restore, i am unable to transfer songs either with itunes or mediamonkey. About 20 tracks will transfer, then just freeze, and i will need to restart pc & do the whole thing all over again. ipod has been restore 4 times now.

there is nothing wrong with my music tracks because i synced the same playlist to my sony experia z1
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