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Originally Posted by charlesj View Post
So if I wanted to be able to use it everywhere & would need a phone carrier & not just
WI-FI........As far as the air vrs the reg Ipad what would be the best one to get ?
Concerning which iPad to buy is a personal decision, so difficult to advise - you need to visit an Apple Store or an authorized Apple Dealer and 'handle' the newest models, i.e. iPad Air & the iPad Mini - the main difference is their screen size; if you plan to do a LOT of reading, then the larger screen may be your preference; if you want a smaller footprint while traveling then the Mini might be your best choice - so, try before purchasing.

Now if you want an internet connection no matter where you are located, then an iPad w/ a cellular capability would be needed - again, you'll have to decide which company and paid plan best suits your needs; another consideration is Mi-Fi - basically a small box that connects via a cellular signal and sets up its own Wi-Fi hotspot (one example HERE) - some of these are 'pay as you go', so might be a consideration? Good luck and let us know if you have other questions - also checkout iPad Comparative Specs - Dave
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