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I don't know the minimum number of steps required to do a clean restart of Apple Mail in Mavericks, but the combination of the following worked for me.

1. I closed Mail

2. I renamed or moved the files listed here for cleaning up plists and caches under Lion: - How do I reset Apple's Mail, in Lion, to default settings? - Ask Different

3. I did a Force-Quit of the cfprefsd process, as described here: objective c - Deleting plist file does not reset app on Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks - Stack Overflow

4. I renamed or moved the folder .../Library/Containers/

It seems that the caching and this Containers folder are the differences of Mavericks compared to previous versions. I haven't investigated whether it is really necessary to touch the .../Library/Preferences folders, since possibly these plists are not being used now.

Without doing step 4, my Mail would hang when trying to start up....
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