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Originally Posted by Maccabee View Post
I don't work for the company, nor has anyone asked me to make this recommendation, nor do I have anything to gain from writing his post.

TokenLock (Apple Store) is useful for any user who wants his/her computer to lock automatically when the user leaves the room.

It can be configured to lock/unlock in response to the proximity of the user's cell phone. If the Bluetooth signal strength threshold (in TokenLock) is set to 75% or so, the computer will lock if the cellphone is 10 feet or more away... and unlock when it is closer than 10 feet. It has other features that you may wish to explore; for instance, the ability to use a USB thumb drive as a key.

I find it infinitely superior to Rohos LogonKey and ProteMac LogonKey. It is also much less expensive.
I am using it also. but my iPhone signal is so strong the TokenLock will any ideas. Or is there another device I can use instead of the iPhone 5s?
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