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Thanks Raz0rEdge for the link. I've done the speed test but never the ping test. When I clicked on the link, it gave me a description of what the ping test is. I didn't know that it too is an important aspect of streaming video and on-line games. I ran the test and got 42ms ping and11ms jitter. My system is rated as b+ and it went on to explain that for most online applications, I should be good but for some online gaming, I might not be performing as optimally as I should be.

With that, I guess my question is can I improve my ping test or is that completely reliant on my internet provider? If I can improve it, would jumping to the next tier improve this? Again, my next tier would take me from 25 mbps to 50mbps. That's all the internet provider advertises. Nothing about ping results. Sorry for these dumb questions as I don't understand "pinging."
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