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Originally Posted by V6Pony View Post
My connection is 30megs down when I check it on a speed test it gets 30 down and 5 up. My provider is going to 60megs some time this spring for the same price. I have a Airport Extreme All has worked good for me. I use a wire from the Airport to my xbox to play online games. Have a smart TV 3 laptops and 2 iphones running. All seems good have noticed no lag.

If the web site you are connecting to is slow a faster connection will not help that much if at all. Not really an expert on this issue but I'm not sure if a speed increase will help wireless service that much anyway. The wireless devices can only transmit so much data at a time. So it may get to your modem faster but will it get to you wireless device faster? I think it will help some but you not going to see the full increase.
I have the new Airport Extreme 802.11 ac as well. My modem is in the master bedroom closest where the home builder placed the network panel. I have a cat 5 cable running from the modem to my family room where we have our Airport Extreme set up. From there, I have my PS4 hard wired into it and then I take another cat 5 cable and run it back to the master bedroom closet to a belkin 8 way splitter. From there, the splitter feeds other computers in other rooms via cat 5 cables as well. I have the splitter hard wired to my iMac and secondary computer in my office along with a printer so that I can take advantage of eprint. I also have my wife's laptop hardwired to the splitter in her temp office upstairs in an extra bedroom. The reason why I have the router in the family room is because that's where we spend most of our time with our wireless devices and this way all of our wireless devices has the best reception with the router. We have two iphone 5's connected to it as well as two ipad2's connected to it along with various other wireless devices. Wife's laptop, my laptop, kids' 3ds xl, wii u, Sony PSP, etc... Of course, these devices are not all connected at the same time but this gives you an idea of our connected devices.

I would have to think that increasing the mbps would improve speed but I guess that's where I'm not sure about the devices that I have connected to the router and if they would benefit at all. Hopefully, someone can look at my connected devices and let me know if I would actually benefit or not. Otherwise, it seems shady for my internet provider to advertise that the lower tier internet packages are goof for basic web searching and email whereas the higher tier internet packages are good for on-line multiplayer games and video streaming.
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