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Originally Posted by vansmith View Post
It certainly will. Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry all support the Mac in some way. What phone do you have?
My phone is an AT&T model. I guess I'll have to get a different phone, but I can't, my phone comes with a special plan for people who don't use it much. They sure have it all rigged up, like everywhere else. I don't use the phone that much, so it's no big deal, just would've been fun. Lucky I got a ringtone I really liked, when I still had a pc that got online.

Most workers at any company seem to only know what they're told. Even at Apple, I'm sure. Occasionally, someone somewhere will share extra info, but they have to be careful- remember, these calls are monitored or recorded. I'm sure they're as much to control the workers. It wouldn't make much sense for a windows person to know how Apple works, now that I think of it.

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