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Originally Posted by AlaskaUser View Post
I am running OX 10.9.1 Mavericks on an early 2008 iMac with a Magic Mouse. Since installing the OX upgrade, sometimes seemingly with absolutely no pattern, when I click on a button on a web page nothing happens. Other buttons within that same page work perfectly. I have to close the page, exit the browser and re-open everything and then it seems to works fine. As I said, there seems to be no pattern to it, it happens on random web sites, again with no obvious pattern. I seem to be having more issues recently with dropping Bluetooth connections as well, keyboard, mouse as well as touch pad, could it be that the two issues are related? Thanks for ANY help.
Hello! Did you try a different browser? Have you checked your settings, browser, too? Although my setup is different, I hope it's ok to share my ideas. Hopefully someone who knows more about your machine can give you more specific advice.

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