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My Mac is the best computer I ever had. I liked windows but hated the patches and other inconveniences. I got what I paid for with the pc. Apple has lots of great products, though they are expensive. At least it's quality.

As for the health discussion, I agree about soda, it's poison, and yes, diet soda is worse. I'm glad Coke isn't doing as well. If Apple lowered their prices some, and kept the quality, they'd be so far ahead of Coke and everyone else.

I've heard and read lots of negative reviews about win8, too. The problem with so many companies is, they have some good ideas but don't go far enough, some go too far, and most are so proprietary, nothing works with it. They're so filthy rich, yet they outsource and put out cheap quality products. At least Apple has quality. I love my MBP and hope to get more stuff from Apple when I can.

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