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Thanks for replying. I think I covered the equipment I'll be using and what I want to do in my first post, but to reiterate...

I want to watch the movies that are stored on an Airport Time Capsule on my iPad 1 and I want to stream the movies directly from the Airport Time Capsule on to my iPad because I don't want to put them in my iPads iTunes or download them on to my iPad. I want to do this with NO internet as I travel through Mexico, Central America, and South America in my motorhome. I was considering the Airport Time Capsule because its basically an external hard drive that creates its own wifi network. There are other external wifi hard drives available, like the one Seagate has, but none of them are larger than 1 TB, whereas the Airport Time Capsule is 2 or 3 TB's.

I appreciate everyones response and if I can do all of the above with just the Filebrowser app on my iPad 1 and an Airport Time Capsule then that is really simple and I like simple!

I called Time Warner to ask them if its possible to transfer the movies on the DVR to the Time Capsule and they said it is but couldn't explain how. Does anyone know how to do this? Would I plug both the Time Capsule and the DVR into my Macbook Pro with USB cables and then just drag the movie files over from the DVR into the Time Capsule?

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Hi Magentawave - there are some excellent suggestions but most depend on the use of a computer and the presence of a Wi-Fi network - you really need to tells us what equipment you will be using? I'm assuming you will be traveling, so will you just have an iPad 1 and some unit that will carry the movies; if so then a Wi-Fi network would be needed to stream the movies to your iPad w/o having the files stored on the device.

Also, tell us if this is for home use and/or while you are traveling - if the latter, airplane, hotels, RUV, etc.? If you have a TV w/ a DVD player, then other options come to mind, especially when wanting to get movies from your DVR to view - I have a few 'other' suggestions but would need to know your specific needs. Dave
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