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chscag thanks for the reply.
I did a google search and found an app in iTunes for Riven and paid the money to download it to my iMac.
Therein lies my problem. I also have an iPhone and whilst downloading Riven my iPhone made a different sound to any that I use for texts, emails etc. I thought it was odd but thought no more of it.
Now i have downloaded from the apps store before and I get a small blue line that appears above the launchpad icon showing how the download is going.
This time nothing appeared but the download I discovered it went to my iPhone via my home wifi. As the content of my iPhone appears on my iTunes account I was able to drag and drop the 1Gb file to my downloads.
With me so far ????????
Obviously the icon does not appear in launchpad so that I can play the game, but how can I get it there from my downloads in finder please ????
Obviously I am not the most computer literate person on here.
Thanks for any replies.
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