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I'm thinking of buying an Airport Time Capsule mainly so I can load it with a ton of movies and watch them on my iPad 1 while traveling in my motorhome.

I have a couple questions about using an Airport Time Capsule please...

1) Can I stream a movie directly from the Airport Time Capsule to my iPad using one of those free video player iPad apps or do I have to put the movie in iTunes on my iPad first before I can actually watch it? (I called Apple with this same question and got two totally different answers from two humans) The bottom line is... What is the fastest, easiest most hassle free way to watch movies that are stored on the Airport Time Capsule on my iPad 1?

2) Is it possible to move movies from a DVR to the Airport Time Capsule? I called Time Warner and Cox and they said I can do that but weren't to clear on how to actually do it. Is it as simple as hooking up a USB cable from the DVR to the Airport Time Capsule and then dragging them into the Time Capsule?

3) Is there a better wifi external hard drive than the Airport Time Capsule? Like maybe the Seagate wifi hard drive??

Thanks very much!

UPDATE: This will be with NO internet.
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