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I have multiple programs that I have tried getting to work but have no luck running.
I got my iMac for the core reason of recording music, for preproduction for when we go to the studio. I used to have a PC and decided to make the switch, best decision ever.
Anyways, multiple programs, (I.E. Guitar Pro 6, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, and Guitar Rig), I will install perfectly fine then when I try to run them, they will sit on the load up screen with the beach ball and say "program not responding" and I'll have to force quit. I've tried everything I know that I could do to fix them. I've tried reinstalling them, installing on a different account, etc. What other options would I have to diagnosing the problem? I don't really know how to use most of the utilities in the "other" folder on my launchpad.
I'm pretty new to Macs so any information is gonna be helpful!
Thanks so much.
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