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Originally Posted by chscag View Post
That's simply not true. Lots of iPad Air devices have been sold and sold very quickly. Yours is the first I've heard of dead pixels. And yes, dead pixels will definitely affect resale value. That's why you need to either take it back for a refund or make sure you get one without dead pixels.
Really? Hm, I've heard of a couple of people receiving Airs with defective pixels. I'm wondering if other people's Airs have defective pixels as well but they don't notice them since I didn't even pay notice mine at first (someone dropped something on my Air and I was making sure that there was no scratch, and that is when I accidentally found the pixels). My dad can't even see the pixels at all. I did take a couple of pictures with my camera thought, and the pixel on my current Air is quite visible once zoomed in. So I'm just not sure if other people will notice it and look for dead pixels.

Anyway, thanks for all your help!
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