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I have gone to the Apple store twice and opened seven boxes in total, and each of the iPad Airs has had 1+ dead pixels. The first time I went one of the iPads had a shocking 5 broken pixels. The second time I went I opened two boxes and was not allowed to open any more, and thus I was forced to choose between an iPad with 4 broken pixels and an iPad with 2 broken pixels and a tiny scratch. A technician inspected the iPad and said that the broken pixel was dust under the screen, which it definitely was not. Besides, as if that would make it any better; it's still a defect. Anyway, I ended up chopsing the one with 2 dead pixels and left the store extremely disappointed in the customer service this time around as well as extremely stressed, and I was feeling like that for a couple of days afterwards. I still had not opened that iPad from its box and it had been sitting there because I didn't want to think about it and be stressed once again. Eventually I just opened it up and inspected it again and it was not THAT bad, but it's noticeable. Basically there is one dead pixel, and the other thing I thought was a dead pixel is probably just dust under the screen because it's only noticeable from specific angles. I could not find the scratch under the light in my apartment.

Anyway, I can do one of two things:

(1) Keep fighting this war and try to find one without a stuck pixel, and potentially stress myself out in the meantime. However, if I eventually find one without a dead pixel (which I'm starting to think is HIGHLY unlikely after opening 7 boxes) I will be very satisfied.

(2) Accept the fact that it has these defects and move on with my life. Forget about perfection and just slap on a matte screen protector that will blur everything out and disguise the defects from my eyes. Finally, I will be able to rest and over time forget that this ever happened. Hopefully.

I really don't want to hate my iPad, and I also don't want to hate my life. I'm in the middle of moving and I have boxes everywhere, and I'm also going to be starting the new semester of school again in January. I don't know if the hassle is worth it, but I also don't know if it's right for me to have a product that I paid a lot of money for that has a dead pixel. Then again, will it kill me to have one darn dead pixel? I feel like I have two people living inside of me that both want different things! Someone please give me some advice.


(If you'd like to see pictures of the pixel and the dust under the screen, let me know.)

(Also, do you think these things will affect the iPad's resale value?)
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