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[QUOTE=michael winn;1558812]Thanks again Dave

I'll try to make clear exactly what I need. I have all the music I am going to transport already in playlists on itunes. I just would like to be able to take it to my friend's house and play it through her stereo system when I visit(perhaps as many as 500 songs). I just need to be able to plug it into an aux input (as I said, I have the cable)and select the playlist(s) I want to hear. The cheapest ipod that would accomplish that is what I want to purchase. I apologize for being such an amateur , and thanks for any suggestions./QUOTE]

Hi Michael - I'd agree w/ the comments from Chascag - seems like the iPod Nano 16 GB ($149 from Apple online w/ free shipping) would be your best choice - check out the Nano HERE @ the online Apple store (or a real one if near you). See the information in quotes below - iTunes will allow the music transfer you desired. Good luck & let us know what happens. Dave

iTunes is the easiest way to fill your iPod nano with music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, podcasts, and more. Just buy from the iTunes Store on your Mac or PC, or import your CD collection into iTunes. Then you can make your own playlists, create Genius playlists, choose Genius Mixes, and sync it all to your iPod nano.
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