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Originally Posted by michael winn View Post
Thanks Dave
I thought an Ipod was the answer but after looking at the myriad of them this morning and various problems with some I had no idea which one to get. I guess my question should have been which ipod is the simplest and most dependable to match my system. I assume you like yours and would recommend it? Is it easy to transfer the files from itunes to the device, and can I save the playlists when I do it? Sorry to be such a novice , and thanks again.
Oh, I have the cable you picture already.
Hi again Michael - as Chas_m has stated there are many considerations from the iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, and iPod Touch (iPods) - you'll need to review the models and the prices along w/ the capacity you need; finally, do you need just a music player, such as the Nano or do you want the versatility of iOS 7 which would involve buying the more expensive iPod Touch.

My iPod Touch is probably 4 years old - when 'on the road' I carry the iPod, iPad 2, and a BT keyboard - I'm planning on buying an iPad Air soon (will likely get the 64 GB model) and will put all of my music on it and use a small BT speaker to play my music. Now if you want the features of an iPad (just a BIG iPod Touch), then that is yet another thought.

As to using iTunes (which is on my MBPro), I usually import music either by ripping from CDs I own as MP3 files or I purchase MP3 from various online sites and import into the program; once the music is there, I will make a playlist, plug in the iPod and simply drag the playlist to the iPod icon on the sidebar. There are other options but I'll stop there. Dave
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