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Originally Posted by Raz0rEdge View Post
Modern NAS' are a cinch to setup and provide very nice web-based (or otherwise) frontends to manage the entire system and all of it's services..

Your initial instinct was correct and you don't need a lot of tech knowledge to set these up..

An additional benefit of the NAS' is that you get the nice built-in backup facility with various levels of RAID.
I'll look into that option some more. I'm looking for a place to store all my pics and have them still accessible to multiple computers/ipads. From my research it seems that the easiest option would be to have another computer to download memory cards to directly. How easy will sharing be with a NAS? I suppose if it was connected to the network via ethernet cable I could wirelessly backup my macbook but can anyone get to that back up to see/use the pics?

Any recommendations on a good NAS I should look into?
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