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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
This is probably taking things a bit too far. To say that the color calibration on newer iMac displays is "pedestrian" might be a bit harsh. If we were talking about some sort of "el cheapo"...$ display from Walmart...I would agree.

Maybe the color calibration on newer iMac's isn't up to the standards you need (which is perfectly fine and understandable)...but to say that the color calibration is pedestrian might be over-stating things a bit.. I'm sure that the Anandtech's review "dtravis7" referred to has some truths to it...since those reviews are always very technical, well written, and objectively assessed.

- Nick
No I hit the nail directly on the head in the CONTEXT of my original post.

BTW I did not call the the calibration of the monitor "pedestian". Lets review:
"If your color needs are pedestrian, then perhaps an iMac will suit you."

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