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Originally Posted by dtravis7 View Post
Um, you should read Anandtech's review on the new 21.5" iMacs display. DEAD ON with no calibration needed. Superb in fact. Both Anand and his partner were knocked out.
Uh, I have.

Dead on to WHAT exactly?

Calibration changes over time and needed to be redone on a regular schedule. In addition, critical color requires different calibration points for different needs. For example a pre-press calibration is different than a web delivery calibration which is also different from a print matching calibration. Finally proper calibration needs to be done at the monitor lever rather than done with the graphic card LUT's. This is not possible with the iMac.

And calibration is not simply color but its properly controlled luminance as well, yet another iMac weakness.

The iMac is a nice machine, but its not even close when it comes to critical color.

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