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That's very kind Jake.

Our MacBook, the one with the problem, is running Mavericks with the Mac Mail programme version 7.0 (1822). The iMac is on Mountain Lion, not sure of the Mail level, but up to date as far as I know with the auto updates.

Also as far as I know the preferences are the same. The address is on both. The ISP is and when they bought out Wanadoo several years back they wanted everyone to change over to, but there were a load of problems and I didn't change.

As a matter of interest, when I received your e-mail for this reply it came with 59 incoming e-mails. The indication was so quick that although I saw it I couldn't even get the cursor over to it before it vanished. 59 e-mails should take an age to come in, this was a second or so?

I woun't be straight back as it's 11.30 pm here and I am having trouble staying awake. You have to think kindly of us old buggers..

I have discovered that wine gets better with age. The older I get the more I like it !
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